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Huge stock of Doka Beams and Tow Boards
Scaffolding Rental
Sustainable Solutions For Customise Services
Steel constructed frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate various applications. Scaffold components feature a powder-coated finish or galvanized finish - the finest metal finishing technology available.  A large variety of scaffold accessories available.

System Scaffolds
Our Modular System Scaffolds are constructed of fully galvanized, high strength steel components, and are easily assembled.

Perfect Plus Style
Unique locking horizontal and diagonal member design provides exceptional stability. Circular ring design allows the connection of up to 8 horizontal or diagonal members.

Perfect Style
Open cup design allows horizontal members to be placed at nearly any angle (up to 8 members per cup). Decking can be placed tightly against the vertical leg.

Contur Style
Open ring designed to accommodate up to eight members at 45 degrees. Wedge locks secure horizontal and diagonal members in place.
Ledgers in all sizes with maximum load